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Michael Weber’s most recent exhibit was on the video billboards of Sunset Strip. The City of West Hollywood sponsored a month long exhibition of Weber’s art, projected on 10 by 20 foot video displays. Sunset Strip is among the most heavily traveled crossroads in America. It’s estimated Weber’s work was seen by upwards of a million people.



Weber plied his craft in advertising, entertainment, publishing and art. A graduate from The School of Visual Arts in New York City, he studied painting. His career began on Madison Avenue where he produced hundreds of TV commercials for top sponsors. Weber segued to Hollywood to become a producer and screenwriter. He is the author of two best selling books; “INVASION OF PRIVACY” and  “CONFESSIONS OF AN INTERNET AUCTION JUNKIE”. 


Though I was trained in the classic tradition — to apply paint on canvas with brush — I was at the forefront of the digital painting revolution. All paintings are born on a blank canvas. The end result, the consequence of the image itself, is the only factor that defines it as art. The process is immaterial. 


My paintings match each other by design. You can build a room, a house, an office, a store, a restaurant, or an entire building around them. I want to give you an opportunity to engulf yourself in in my work. Thanks for your support and for sharing my art.

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